Jun 01 2013

Go on, Pull the Trigger || Open Starter

He had been let down. His love was gone and he felt truly alone as if everyone had been avoiding him. It urged him to do something insane and pick a fight with his friend. It was not much of a fight with Marius just taking all the blows with sarcastic comments. The gun had been pulled out to frighten him but he did not care. He was numb.

Marius coughed, a smirk on his face as the blood dribbled down his chin. He looked at the end of the barrel of the gun. “Do you think I’m scared? Go on, pull the trigger.” He challenged. He didn’t dare move from his spot as if to challenge the other. He had a brave look on his face.

"Do it…"

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    Mariuc chuckled and nodded. “Very well.” He kissed his forehead and made his way to the living room to set Jehan down.
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    "No, let’s not." he smiled.